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Join Us: Celebrate Jesus!

How can you participate?

Pastors, youth leaders, worship leaders, people interested in bringing Unity to the body of Christ - Everyone is encouraged to commit & offer their time, talent and resources as living sacrifice unto the Lord & not unto men.  Together we can do more! Do you want to be a part of a mission that is bigger than yourself? If you do, then join us and be part of our annual celebrations.


There are many ways in which you can lend your time, skills and resources to JESUS REIGNS USA:



Are you a singer, dancer, voice talent, or flag bearer?  Come and be part of our worship during the parade and worship event!



Are you a script writer, DJ, spinners, video operator, photographer, videographer, stage manager, talent shepherd, editor and designer?  We need you to ensure smooth flow of our program and to capture this momentous event.  We need the talents of our artistic brethren to design and create parade floats of excellence!



The event is massive, and we need all hands onboard.  We are in need of ushers, runners, crowd and traffic controllers at the venues.



If you are passionate about organizing people, we need church and area coordinators.



If your passion is to pray, we need you to cover the ministry, leaders, participants and the events with prayers.  Let us pray for a great move of God in our midst!  Pray for financial provision for our annual celebration.  Pray for wisdom and discernment with all decisions involving our event.  Pray for worship teams to come forward and participate in our worship event.  Pray for discernment as we decide which worship songs to sing that best honor Lord Jesus.  Pray for dancers to come and join together to dance for their Savior.  Pray for blessing as we design the new parade float for 2022:  Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).  Pray that the Lord will bring people to join us in the parade, by carrying our state's county banners.  Pray that the Lord will bring forth the youth of our great state to join the "Hype Crew" in our parade.  To God Be the Glory!



Funding for Jesus Reigns USA Maine is provided 100% by the sacrificial giving of fellow believers!  Jesus Reigns USA is a celebration - not an organization.  If you want to support the events financially or through donated goods, your help will be greatly appreciated.  For financial giving, checks or money orders can be made out to “CLP” – please put on the memo line “Jesus Reigns USA Maine.” All donations go 100% toward the expenses for the Celebration.  

Let’s Work Together to Celebrate the King of Glory!

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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